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I feel that I have been a Conservative my whole life. My core values have stemmed from my upbringing in the church, my faith in God, and my life experiences along the way. 

I am a wife of 22 years and mother of three. My oldest is going into second year at Dalhousie working on a double major in Actuarial Science and Economics. My middle is going into first year at Mount Saint Vincent studying Psychology and my youngest will be attending Lockview High School in the 11th grade.

I was in the workforce when my husband Dave and I were married. Once we decided to expand our family, we thought it best that one of us stay home to raise the children. I was fortunate to be able to take on that role, while running a design business out of our home.

After eleven years as a solopreneur, I decided to join forces with a business partner and incorporate. A few short years later, I was given a great opportunity with a large multinational company, and I put small business ownership behind me.

It is in my current job where I realize that my true passion is helping people. I am a problem solver at heart and if I don’t have an answer for you now, I will find one. I also discovered that I am the voice that represents the people that are too timid to speak up. If something important should be discussed, my colleagues count on me to champion the issue – all the way to the top. These are a couple of the reasons I have decided to put my name forward to represent our riding.

Through the years I have spent countless hours volunteering on school trips, band functions, sports teams and just about anything else that was asked of me. I volunteer in several capacities at my local church, and continue to support important social and community causes – both locally and abroad.

As my children reach a self-sufficient stage in their lives, I find the amount of extra time I have on my hands to be increasing. I am very excited to focus my energy toward making our government better for our riding and our country.